Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Those who I look up to......

My Mum and Dad......
I know it may seem on obvious choice to others but my Mum and Dad have always been a big inspiration to myself.

My Dad left school at 15 with no GSCE's and moved from Glasgow to Jersey to make a better life for himself.
My Mum left Liverpool age 17 with only 2 GCSE's to move to Bournemouth to get her own independence.

My parents have both taught me the values of how to live life to the full and do what makes you happy. They have always supported my decisions and from that I feel I have been successful in all I have done.

They both have successful jobs, they own a home together and are still happily married. Life has thrown its problems but they have worked it through together.
My mum went on to re-take her Maths GSCE. She has also NVQ Level 3 in Childcare and has gained her IT qualifications. Her IT qualifications have lead her to her current job as an IT Trainer at a hospital which she really enjoys and what I'm extremely proud of her for.

My best friend......
When I look at my friend Tara I see success that inspires me to work towards a similar success.

I met Tara when I was 18 working in a restaurant. At the time she was at Winchester university on a four year teaching course.
She has since completed her University Degree, moved to London with her partner who is now her Husband. She applied and was successful in securing a job as a teacher in a catholic school where she has settled in and is very happy. Tara and her Husband also purchased their own home in London at the beginning of this year and they are expecting a baby in February 2010.

Tara's story is not only career success but personal success and I only wish one day that it is something I can achieve.


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