Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Fashion Museum

Sooo.....my lovely boyfriend decided to spring a surprise weekend away for me in Bath.
On the Sunday on our trip he took me to Bath Assembly and Fashion Museum. I had never heard of it but I found it to be a great inspiration and incredibly insightful.

The museum showed pieces from 'Dress of the Year'over the last few years, 'Music and Fashion' which showed a collection of CD's dating from the 1963 to the present day which just shows how the fashions have compared through music and fashion. They also displayed pieces dating back as far as Regency, Georgian and Victorian times.

One particular exhibition they showed in detail was Bill Gibb which was particlulaly interesting, it showed his workings through sketches, notes and mood boards displayed on a wall as well as showing a number of his garments that have made fashion statements.

The museum was amazing and I have so many pictures that I would love to share but there are about 150 of them and I'm afraid I'm going to have used all my blog space if I do!!!! I was able to take so much in though and I'm hoping to use all the museum was able to give me, in my fashion years to come.....!!!


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