Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Off Shore Magazine

Here is my completed Off Shore magazine......

My Off Shore web page can also be seen at:

Michelle xx

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Off Shore Beach Photo Shoot

So as I wrote a few weeks ago I was working towards my Beach Photo Shoot and that Animal were kind enough with lending me samples to use.......its taken me a while to create a PDF to share but here are the results!!! Enjoy!!!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Beautiful simple fashion photography

Good old facebook popped up today with a couple of style photo's for Net-a-porters Denim: The new rules look!

I love the fresh use of colours and the simplicity of the photography and just had to share it!!!!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

India's models accuse fashion industry of racism

This week there is the news that there is racism within India’s fashion industry.

Several of the country's top models have spoken out about prejudice and discrimination in the Indian industry. They say India has an obsession with pale skin that dates back to British colonial rule.

This is awful news for Indian models that in their own country they are not accepted and used for modelling and catwalks. However does this mean in the west that a trend may begin to emerge that Indian models will become more popular and more accessible as they will travel to get the work? Only time will tell.
The soft dark complexion of a Indian model is a nice change to the white models we have as they have a different look which is not used so often.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Menswear Beach Photoshoot

I have been working towards this photo shoot for the last few weeks now and I had the insight today that I may need to research mens poses for a fashion shoot. As I am not a man I know it will not be easy to just think of manly positions so I created a page of shoot poses and ideas I have.

I have also taken photographs of most of the outfits I have been able to get for the shoot, some however I am unable to get my hands on until tomorrow.....

I am so lucky and grateful to the buying team at animal as they were kind enough to let me borrow some samples to use for my shoot! So excited to see how the shoot goes!!!

Michelle xoxo

My Third Exhibition.....The Assembly Rooms Bath

The Assembly rooms in Bath is a fashion clothing museum. I visited museum over a year ago in October 2009 however I wrote back then what I still believe......

"I'm hoping to use all the museum was able to give me, in my fashion years to come.....!!!"

The museum was the first fashion exhibition I had visited so it has stuck with me through this course. I came to the course thinking that I already knew quite a bit about fashion but soon came to the realization that was not necessarily the case and I found through this museum that it taught me about the important events and influences of fashion history.

I particularly liked and remember the Dress of the year display. This really showed exactly what a difference and impact an era or a few years can make. I have always remembered this and always tried to use this, especially when I am doing promotion work and need to make sure a shoot captures a current trend and cannot be mistook for being out of date.

Michelle xxx

Friday, 25 March 2011

Manga Exhibition

Only the other day I was at a loss for another exhibition to see and with no plans to visit London I explored what exhibitions were currently being shown locally. I came across a Manga exhibition being shown at the Red House Museum in Christchurch which really interested me.

The exhibition was really very interesting and very colourful....It was especially interesting as it had photo's of people wearing clothes inspired by Manga and also had a selection of wigs and clothes at the exhibition that could be tried on really giving people a hands on experience of Manga fashion.

I was also particularly interested in the comic strips they had displayed, as for my current professional project I am planning to attempt to include a comic strip I have had the inspiration that I could attempt a Manga Comic strip as its modern yet fun which I really like. They had several books at the exhibition also which showed how to illustrate a manga cartoon which I attempted which is shown below.

The Most common Manga that you might remember is Pokemon which was a huge comic illustration in the 1990's! What I found amazing is that Manga is now the fastest growing segment in the publishing industry with sales. 

After much persuasion I managed to get David to put on a mask and get into the spirit and he certainly had a good pose :)

I also recorded the exhibition to share (below), I hope its not too wobbly for you! :)

Michelle xoxo

Thursday, 24 March 2011

How to make the budget fashionable? Avoid budget fashion

The Telegraph has released an article lately about how budget fashion is no longer fashionable. This has been something the fashion houses have been trying to promote for a very long time but with the likes of the Telegraph publicizing it could lead to people standing up and taking notice.

With this being something that is becoming more and more common in magazines and headlines I to need to stand up and take notice. With the line of employment that I want to follow in Buying I need to be paying attention to this issue and to understand that there could be a trend to follow that people will begin to again pay for quality over quantity.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Japan Fashion Week officially cancelled

The Tsunami disaster is not only affecting Japan and its residents it has had a massive hit on fashion.

Many fashion labels and brands were forced to delay and even cancel the trend of fashion show Fall / Winter 2011 tsunami damaging aspects of the apparel industry. Sales of clothing and cosmetics estimated to fall 10.6 percent since two days ago. For example brand Uniqlo is down 17.5 percent, 13.79 percent of Takashimaya shopping center until the losers Shiseido 9:18 percent.

This has just shown me how quickly as a buyer or fashion worker the wheel can stop spinning causing real damage and time delay to a certain line or collection.
There is obviously rare cases that this can happen on this scale but this would mean delaying a line or finding another manufacturer to complete the order which in itself would delay the order.

With the chance although very minimal chance of this happening I wonder if the best idea and back up plan is to have connections with several factories so that if one were to fall through you have already the rapport with another to get your orders in to minimise delays further.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Focus Photography Exhibition

So on Sunday Dave and I took the trip up to Birmingham to visit the focus photography exhibition. Dave was very excited to go being a photographer but I was also excited to see what new equipment and ideas they had to show me and they didn't disappoint!!!

The exhibition was vast and it took the whole day to get around it and I still don't feel like we even touched the surface with all the stalls and displays.

I was particularly interested in the talks and displays they were giving.....I was able to catch an adobe talk (below left) which was really interesting about how he set prefixes when adjusting photography so that when it came to editing several photo's there was a saved preset to make the images all have the same effect.

There was also a top photographer (above right) who spoke about being a photographer and how he achieved his images but what I found more interesting is how he spoke about copy-write and how he never gives away his copy-write as that can restrict the amount of money he can make. The photographer was quite arrogant but he had some great advice! What photographer isn't a bit arrogant?!!!

There was a couple of great displays on photography and lighting which Dave and I stood around for ages for as they were so informative. It really taught me about how much difference a light box can make and how best to use it. It was especially great as they had a model and the experimented with the light and allowed the audiences to take pictures of the different lighting!

The real find for the day for me though is topaz labs!!!! Wow what an amazing display and package they offered! I bought the whole package topaz labs for £90 for a show price offer rather than the RRP $199 online! The package is a plug-in to Photoshop and it has all the tools which would usually take you hours it now takes minutes.....so happy to have found it! I can not do it justice by just explaining it so I have attached a video to show just how amazing it is!!!!

I'm very glad my boyfriend dragged me up to Birmingham to this amazing exhibition!!!! hehe!

Michelle xx

Sunday, 27 February 2011

My love affair for Jessie J....

I have a new obsession with Jessie J....I love the way she dresses, her hair just the whole package....what I love most is her persona the girl next door who is cool, risky and sexy!!!?!

I love the make up used and her overall style and although its probably not something I can use in this project I wanted to make myself a note to remember in the future....

Isabella Blow reincarnated.....

Mcqueen and I....what can I say?!!

I always knew how much Mcqueen meant to the fashion world but after watching the documentary I really see now how much of a loss he is to Britain and more importantly world fashion. Although we have current designers, Galliano etc that push boundaries, I can't think of another designer that can leave us not knowing what will come next like Mcqueen did.... A true legend!

However throughout the documentary I have come to the conclusion that Isabella's spirit has been reincarnated in Lady Gaga, I could not believe the resemblances that they hold throughout there expressions and more importantly the way they express themselves through their clothes and accessories! So maybe we have not lost all and Lady Gaga is our future to finding a new designer who can push our imagination as Mcqueen once did?......

Michelle xoxo

Thursday, 24 February 2011

PSD Tuts+

So I've been looking for some inspiration to my professional project and been looking into how I can create a real individual touch to my photography. I have been playing around myself with photography to get an even better eye for what can be achieved.

I've come across this FAB site recently which I hope is really going to bring my work to another level.... http://psd.tutsplus.com/

This is some photography inspiration I have found...

Monday, 31 January 2011

Kesha and her wonderful accessories.....

In Kesha's recent video she has studs on her eyebrows and I really love some of the silver/chrome make up....there is something really mechanic about it which is really conceptual.

I really want to push the boundaries with my make up and accessories and make this a real feature of the photography!

Michelle xx

Photography inspiration

As my magazine is going to be made up of contempory coneptual ideas and I am focusing on the idea of revolutionary technology I have been looking how I can use this in my imagery.

I have been wondering about how I can make the photogrpahy powerful and when watching music videos the other day I saw a part of a video that I think would look really good as a still photo.

Video: Cooler than me
Artist: Mike Posner

I love the idea of taking a photograph and having it looking like your looking at the world through 3D glasses. I have set my boyfriend the project to find out how this is possible in photography.
Michelle xx

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A few examples of how QR codes have been used....

This QR code was made on a QR code generator page. This page is available to anyone and easy to use which leads me to believe this could be something that will become popular very quickly.


Lendorff.Kaywa is a collaboration between London based pixel-knitwear designers Office Lendorff and mobile enthusiasts Kaywa from Zurich, Switzerland.

Together they push winter knitwear from mere clothing items to the bearers of encoded goodies that can be discoverable with the mobile phone.

Every item is carefully designed and knitted in England and is available only in limited editions.

Michelle xx

Monday, 10 January 2011


This is the beggining of my research towards QR Codes. I am looking to see if its possible to make these into codes that can be printed into designs.

My first test was the QR Code shown above which I have attached the URL of my partners web page - http://www.daveadamsphotography.webs.com/

Michelle xx

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Ideas overload….

Today I went to the lecture really excited by my idea for the revolutionary project and I came away even more excited and brimming with even more ideas.

I began talking through my idea with Anya and her and I discussed where I see myself in a job in the fashion industry. I am interested in going down the buying or product development route so we looked at how I could tailor my project to this. As my idea is about being revolutionary with modern day technology Anya gave me the idea to create a conceptual ideas magazine. The articles and imagery are going to be off the wall but the magazine itself slick and glossy to look at.

I then spoke to Jamie about my technological ideas and he gave me to ideas to look into which particularly excite me. Firstly Augmented Reality – We found an idea where a graphic when scanned on a webcam shows an enhanced image of a speech bubble that shows live twitter updates which I thought could be something really interesting that could put across live messages through clothing.

The second idea was to include QR Codes – codes much like a barcode can be scanned by mobile devices and they take you straight to a website. The code includes the URL address so when scanned it automatically takes the customer to the web address of your choice. I have also found out that this is something new that they are using on care labels and when scanned it takes you to a site where it tells you where the product is from and how many air miles it has done. This shows you how economical the garment is.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Revolution? Revolutionary? Revolutionise?

So the new project for this term is to create a look book on the theme of Revolutionary. I have been stumped by the theme as I did not want to go down the obvious historical route.

I found myself discussing the theme with my partner and we started thrashing out ideas….I first played on the word revolutionary! What other ways could this be used? Revolution? Revolutionise? This got me thinking then what is revolutionary today and my partner came up with the idea of technological advances that are seen as revolutionary. We then discussed the idea of 3D and how this is quite a modern revolutionary technological advance.

I am going to look into this futher so will keep you updated on how I get on......

Michelle xx