Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Ideas overload….

Today I went to the lecture really excited by my idea for the revolutionary project and I came away even more excited and brimming with even more ideas.

I began talking through my idea with Anya and her and I discussed where I see myself in a job in the fashion industry. I am interested in going down the buying or product development route so we looked at how I could tailor my project to this. As my idea is about being revolutionary with modern day technology Anya gave me the idea to create a conceptual ideas magazine. The articles and imagery are going to be off the wall but the magazine itself slick and glossy to look at.

I then spoke to Jamie about my technological ideas and he gave me to ideas to look into which particularly excite me. Firstly Augmented Reality – We found an idea where a graphic when scanned on a webcam shows an enhanced image of a speech bubble that shows live twitter updates which I thought could be something really interesting that could put across live messages through clothing.

The second idea was to include QR Codes – codes much like a barcode can be scanned by mobile devices and they take you straight to a website. The code includes the URL address so when scanned it automatically takes the customer to the web address of your choice. I have also found out that this is something new that they are using on care labels and when scanned it takes you to a site where it tells you where the product is from and how many air miles it has done. This shows you how economical the garment is.

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