Friday, 25 March 2011

Manga Exhibition

Only the other day I was at a loss for another exhibition to see and with no plans to visit London I explored what exhibitions were currently being shown locally. I came across a Manga exhibition being shown at the Red House Museum in Christchurch which really interested me.

The exhibition was really very interesting and very colourful....It was especially interesting as it had photo's of people wearing clothes inspired by Manga and also had a selection of wigs and clothes at the exhibition that could be tried on really giving people a hands on experience of Manga fashion.

I was also particularly interested in the comic strips they had displayed, as for my current professional project I am planning to attempt to include a comic strip I have had the inspiration that I could attempt a Manga Comic strip as its modern yet fun which I really like. They had several books at the exhibition also which showed how to illustrate a manga cartoon which I attempted which is shown below.

The Most common Manga that you might remember is Pokemon which was a huge comic illustration in the 1990's! What I found amazing is that Manga is now the fastest growing segment in the publishing industry with sales. 

After much persuasion I managed to get David to put on a mask and get into the spirit and he certainly had a good pose :)

I also recorded the exhibition to share (below), I hope its not too wobbly for you! :)

Michelle xoxo

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