Monday, 21 March 2011

Japan Fashion Week officially cancelled

The Tsunami disaster is not only affecting Japan and its residents it has had a massive hit on fashion.

Many fashion labels and brands were forced to delay and even cancel the trend of fashion show Fall / Winter 2011 tsunami damaging aspects of the apparel industry. Sales of clothing and cosmetics estimated to fall 10.6 percent since two days ago. For example brand Uniqlo is down 17.5 percent, 13.79 percent of Takashimaya shopping center until the losers Shiseido 9:18 percent.

This has just shown me how quickly as a buyer or fashion worker the wheel can stop spinning causing real damage and time delay to a certain line or collection.
There is obviously rare cases that this can happen on this scale but this would mean delaying a line or finding another manufacturer to complete the order which in itself would delay the order.

With the chance although very minimal chance of this happening I wonder if the best idea and back up plan is to have connections with several factories so that if one were to fall through you have already the rapport with another to get your orders in to minimise delays further.

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