Monday, 7 March 2011

Focus Photography Exhibition

So on Sunday Dave and I took the trip up to Birmingham to visit the focus photography exhibition. Dave was very excited to go being a photographer but I was also excited to see what new equipment and ideas they had to show me and they didn't disappoint!!!

The exhibition was vast and it took the whole day to get around it and I still don't feel like we even touched the surface with all the stalls and displays.

I was particularly interested in the talks and displays they were giving.....I was able to catch an adobe talk (below left) which was really interesting about how he set prefixes when adjusting photography so that when it came to editing several photo's there was a saved preset to make the images all have the same effect.

There was also a top photographer (above right) who spoke about being a photographer and how he achieved his images but what I found more interesting is how he spoke about copy-write and how he never gives away his copy-write as that can restrict the amount of money he can make. The photographer was quite arrogant but he had some great advice! What photographer isn't a bit arrogant?!!!

There was a couple of great displays on photography and lighting which Dave and I stood around for ages for as they were so informative. It really taught me about how much difference a light box can make and how best to use it. It was especially great as they had a model and the experimented with the light and allowed the audiences to take pictures of the different lighting!

The real find for the day for me though is topaz labs!!!! Wow what an amazing display and package they offered! I bought the whole package topaz labs for £90 for a show price offer rather than the RRP $199 online! The package is a plug-in to Photoshop and it has all the tools which would usually take you hours it now takes happy to have found it! I can not do it justice by just explaining it so I have attached a video to show just how amazing it is!!!!

I'm very glad my boyfriend dragged me up to Birmingham to this amazing exhibition!!!! hehe!

Michelle xx

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