Saturday, 26 March 2011

My Third Exhibition.....The Assembly Rooms Bath

The Assembly rooms in Bath is a fashion clothing museum. I visited museum over a year ago in October 2009 however I wrote back then what I still believe......

"I'm hoping to use all the museum was able to give me, in my fashion years to come.....!!!"

The museum was the first fashion exhibition I had visited so it has stuck with me through this course. I came to the course thinking that I already knew quite a bit about fashion but soon came to the realization that was not necessarily the case and I found through this museum that it taught me about the important events and influences of fashion history.

I particularly liked and remember the Dress of the year display. This really showed exactly what a difference and impact an era or a few years can make. I have always remembered this and always tried to use this, especially when I am doing promotion work and need to make sure a shoot captures a current trend and cannot be mistook for being out of date.

Michelle xxx

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