Sunday, 27 February 2011

Isabella Blow reincarnated.....

Mcqueen and I....what can I say?!!

I always knew how much Mcqueen meant to the fashion world but after watching the documentary I really see now how much of a loss he is to Britain and more importantly world fashion. Although we have current designers, Galliano etc that push boundaries, I can't think of another designer that can leave us not knowing what will come next like Mcqueen did.... A true legend!

However throughout the documentary I have come to the conclusion that Isabella's spirit has been reincarnated in Lady Gaga, I could not believe the resemblances that they hold throughout there expressions and more importantly the way they express themselves through their clothes and accessories! So maybe we have not lost all and Lady Gaga is our future to finding a new designer who can push our imagination as Mcqueen once did?......

Michelle xoxo

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