Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Black and White Design

I'm so excited to write on my blog because today was the day to make and produce our Black and White sculpture, and I had the most fun doing it!!! I had taken the weekend to collect a few bits I would need to produce my vision.

I got into uni early today to set up my model and pin the start of my dress so I had the chance to look at it and visualise my ideas.
The design throughout the day came from a lot of trial and error. I would take a step back from the dress each time something new was added.
My ideas came a lot from the mood board I created, the black and white steps on the dress came from the curve and silhouette figure mixed with the picture of the spiralling steps I found.
I used paper manipulation a lot in my piece this came as I worked through the design but I had originally researched Alexandra Zaharova and Ilya Plotnikov and their use of paper which made such striking and sculptural pieces.

I was overall very happy with my final design I feel it really showed how my piece developed from the flat image of my mood board to the sculptural design. I also felt I was able to connect with the designers and inspiration we were given at the beginning of the project.

I also enjoyed the opportunity to go round at the end of the day and look at others work and materials that were used. I was particularly taken with Kyla's use of video tape that she manipulated and used in her design. I felt this was an unlikely material to use but had such striking effects.

Today was a very good day which I thoroughly enjoyed and I can't wait to get started on our new project for this class!


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