Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Here is to the new me.......

Monday 5th October - I feel like death warmed up.....having a low immune system really sucks!!!

Today we had our planning and presentation class. In this class we learnt about the next 11 weeks and what to expect. We also displayed our holiday projects.

This is something I spent a lot of time on over the summer. I first came up with the concept of the T-shirt as I thought this would be a different and inventive way to present a bit about me and my life.
First of all found it quite hard opening up and writing about myself and my life but once I started creating, the words seem to come naturally.

The holiday project is something I am quite proud of as its been 4 years since I've been in education and I was worried I'd forgotten how to apply myself. However I am sure in a years time I will be able to look back on my project and see just how far I have come......and I can't wait!!

Michelle.... xoxo

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