Tuesday, 13 October 2009


As part of our Research and Presentation class we were given a small introduction project so that we could start to learn about research and presentation of the information found through a theme board.

We were given five words where we had to pick one to go off and research about.....


Originally I chose to research Handmade. I chose this as I thought about what Handmade could mean and I instantly thought about the Greeks building the great Roman Temples and Aqueducts and I was interested to research other architectural buildings that were Handmade. I was then worried that these architectural works of arts may have been classed as Man-made rather than Handmade and so looked into what other options we had been given.

I then thought about researching into all the words we were given and typed each of the words into google. Pre-Raphaelite struck me the most and I was intrigued to find out more, so I decided to pursue this in my work to be able to become more knowledgeable on the subject.

From my research around Pre-Raphaelitism I found myself drawn into the subject and constantly searching to find out more, unfortunately I only had the week to research but I think the subject will be something I continue to discover.

From my research I found out about Pre-Raphaelitism and the seven artists that founded the brotherhood. From the seven original artists I found a number of other artists that were influenced by the movement. One in particluar was William Morris who was influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite work and this influenced his Art Nouveau work with stained glass.

Below is some inspiration I found for my project from stained glass I found when I was away for the weekend in Bath........

The other source of inspiration that I found lead me to find a photographer Julia Margaret Cameron. In her work it shows great similarity to Pre-Raphaelite paintings. In a lot of her pictures she used the well know women or goddess figure and through the use of photography would portray the pictures in her own way.

(Pictures coming shortly...)


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