Tuesday, 16 March 2010

She's gone and done it again......

Apologies.....again.......I can't believe I've left it so long again to post! Life seems to pass me by without letting me know!

So what's been going on since my last post.......well......

3rd February - Buying and Merchandising

I am really enjoying the Buying and Merchandising Class. I feel it is teaching me a lot about this particular area of fashion as well as giving us the hard fact that its not an easy job.....I'm ready for the fight in the industry though!
I love that in each class we have the opportunity to get involved and we regularly have debates which also fuels my interest.

5th February - Lectra

I am thoroughly enjoying Lectra lessons. I have found I have been able to pick up the system relatively quickly and I can see the benefits from using the system to create a pattern.
I think throughout my further design projects I will consider using Lectra to complete my patterns as it could prove useful when making necessary changes.

8th February - Design

In our design class we are working on 100 designs for our manifesto project. 
I began my design process by researching upcoming trends from the Peclers trend forcasting book. From the upcoming trends I was able to find around 8 looks that I could develop for my own designs. My designs used the concept from the trend forcasting mixed with my colour themes. 
Currently I am halfway through my designs but I am starting to find it difficult to complete the requested amount. I feel I have reached a block as I originally began to draw my designs in great detail rather than just sketches to develop from. For the further designs that need to be completed I am planning to use what we have learnt in our concentrated Illustration lessons and Illustrate my favourite designs ready for my final presentation of 6 designs.

18th February - Jersey Workshop

Today I used the class to construct my Jersey T-shirt. I found working with Jersey very easy. The construction of the garment proved to be very simple and quick and I was finished within a few hours.

28th February - Choosing a design

Today was D day for our design presentation.
I was ready and prepared with my 6 designs and one being my particular favourite. I was really happy with my the outcome of my designs but I was also nervous what would be made of my concept now visualised through designs.
My final design came from our assignment where we had to select 3 designs (naming them A, B &C) and collaborate these designs together to develop further designs. I found by collaborating designs I was able to come up with better concepts than I could have thought of off the top of my head.

My tutorial went really well and my favourite design was approved to be taken on to be constructed with a few minor alterations which will actually enhance my design.

26th February - Lectra

Today was the final deadline for our Lectra project which consisted of a pattern being created through Lectra and then a Jersey T-shirt made from the pattern piece. 
I had already finished my T-shirt a week before so for the rest of my lessons up until my deadline I focused on taking in all I could with Lectra so that I could use what I had learnt to create a pattern for my design for my Manifesto project.

1st March - Final Design Construction

This week I began to construct the toile of my final design. This was proving quite difficult as my design is made up of second hand ties and scarves so to create the effect of using ties I had to cut tie shapes out of material to construct together so I am able to recreate the look I want so this can be assessed properly in my review.

10th March - Buying and Merchandising

Sooo I finally got down to writing my Buying and Merchandising Assignment last week, after being so inspired with the classes so far I thought I would take to this project and be able to create a great piece of work. However once I got started on the work I soon found that I felt deflated as all that had interested me  in this subject was missing from the assignment. I had been so inspired with our lessons and felt that this would lead to us being able to use all of our knowledge in the assignment unfortunately this was not the case and I found none of what we had learnt really held any relevance. 

16th March - Final Design Construction continued...

My main focus this term was my Manifesto Project. I am very keen to make sure my toile shows off my design in the right light.
I have been spending every spare minute in the studio to ensure that my garment is not rushed and corners are not cut. This week is the final week before toile review. I have continued working on my garment and I am very happy with the results so far just hoping I can pull it all together and I can present it well next week.

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