Thursday, 28 January 2010

Missed but not forgotten.....

I can't believe its been so long since my last blog! I've been so caught up in all our projects and assignments that I have put off blogging and its now February!!!! Where do the weeks go?!!

Right so what have I been up to since christmas.......

12th January - First day back after christmas

I was in a mad panic about the completion and handing in of our Design project on Black and White and Melting Pot. Over christmas I had spent lots of time arranging all the research and designs and had began presenting it all in my book. I had left the presentation until last as I thought this would take me 2 minutes but I was very wrong!!!!! The presentation took a lot longer to complete.....this is definitely something I need to remember for the next project and begin earlier.

18th January - Deadline day

So today didn't start so well......I had been  up most of the night with my design book as I am a perfectionist and still wasn't happy with the presentation. I left the house to get to university for the deadline of 9.30am only to realise half the way to university that I had forgotten to pick up the folder containing my mood boards!!!! NIGHTMARE!!! I quickly rushed home grabbed them, got to my parking space and I ran......luckily making it to university for 9.27am......Phew!!!!

*Big reminder to be more organised when leaving the house*

20th January - Buying and Merchandising

I was very excited today about having our first class in Buying and Merchandising. I have been waiting all year for an greater insight into the Buying and Merchandising world as it is a particular area I would like to persue as a career. John Maynard is full of knowledge on the subject and even though at times the 3 hour lectures seem a lot I still find them thoroughly interesting and informative.

21st January - Lectra

Today I joined group 1 for Lectra class as I am moving tomorrow to my new flat!!!! Yey!!!

We have just started the new Lectra unit which I am finding really useful. Its really fun playing with the pattern layout and I feel the skills we are learning with the system are invaluable.

25th January - Manifesto

We have officially now began out project Manifesto.....This project comprises of creating a mission statement - Manifesto, Customer Profile and 100 Designs, from this work we will also be going on to construct one of our designed garments. I am really looking forward to the construction as it will be great to finally make one of our designs however I am daunted by the 100 designs we need to complete.

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