Sunday, 21 March 2010

I'm loving it, loving it, loving it......

AWESOME and FAB would be just two words I would use to describe my time at westfields assisting in 'The greatest fashion show on earth'.

After a very exhausting and thrilling 3 days its all over and I am really sad that I will not be going back tomorrow to still be a part of it.
I loved every minute of it...even when we had to run out to Morrison's to get lunch for all involved I loved just being in a working environment that was keeping me busy. I just thrived on the experience and I want more....


I met some lovely people that I will definitely stay in contact with and I also got a contact of a girl who is also at AUCB studying Events Management which may be a great help when we come to do our own Fashion show next year so overall a very successful and enjoyable time and I just didn't want to come home....... :(


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