Friday, 19 March 2010

The greatest fashion show on earth......

So on Tuesday (just two days ago) I found out about an opportunity to go up to London and be a dresser for a Doll event called 'The greatest fashion show on earth' at Westfields.
When I found out about the opportunity I just knew I had to do it as I had not had the opportunity this year to be part of London On:Off fashion week. Luckily I was up to date with my toile and had only a few bits left to complete so that was not a worry and all I needed to do was to sort out accommodation, which is where my best friend in London came I was set.
After a day of rushing around like mad I drove up to London ready to start my experience today.....Oh and what a day! I am so glad I came up to be a part of the show.
Its only been a day but yet I love it....The other dressers are lovely and so is the model I am dressing. I just loved the buzz of being backstage and even after a 12 hour day I am not tired as I am still high on all the adrenaline. I love being able to work but what I love more is having the chance to work in a fashion environment even just if it is a few days.

:) I am one happy lady :)

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