Thursday, 28 October 2010

Witchcraft shoot

I have been eager to get out and get my photography shoots started as I am worried if I don't get them done soon the layout of my trend book wont get done until last minute as the photography is a big part of my book.

Today I was able to get a team together to get the witchcraft photo shoot shot. I am very lucky to have my friend and my model live in Burley as this was the perfect setting to shoot the right look.

I have drawn inspriation from the Photographer Antonella Arismendi and the shoot Merkabah and Salem Witches.

Model: Laura Kate Sills
Photographer: David Adams -
Syling and Make-up: Michelle Whittaker

The shoot went really well and some of the pictures turned out so much better than any of us could have hoped. Lets just hope the other photography shoots come together as well as this one has :)

Michelle xx

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