Friday, 22 October 2010

Time to choose my trends.....

I am so excited by this project and the ideas I am producing however that’s not to say I haven’t struggled to get the starting point in some of my trends.
We have the three themes to follow:

For ethical it took me back to the last project I did where I recycled clothing and stripped it back to make a new garment. This time I decided to fashion the trend to renew items and make your old faithful fashionable again.

The title street straight away screamed street dance to me and I am personally a fan of any TV and films that are dance related so I felt this would be a good option as it sparked interest but also I knew of TV and Films that were just emerging which would support my research that this would be a growing trend.

The title Ethnic was the trend that I found difficult to develop. I first thought about ethnic as being tribal and I then found myself thinking about Tribal body art and body modifications but from this point I felt I hit a brick wall and couldn’t develop the ideas any further.
I was lucky to be able catch a moment of Anya’s time where I was able to discuss my ideas so far with her. From my idea of tribal she was able to help me see where the idea could develop to. We discussed the idea to look into modern body art and modifications which brought us onto tattoos and piercings and then this also sparked that this could be also thought of as gothic influences.
We then discussed gothic influences and came up with the idea of witches and witchcraft which really excited me.
I came away and began researching and I soon found that this would be a strong trend. Through my initial research I was able to see that there were a few films and catwalk collections emerging.

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