Sunday, 7 November 2010

Street dance photo shoot.....

For this shoot I knew of an industrial site that has graffiti all over the walls of the entrance. The graffiti is done by kids who live in the area after the industrial park closes. This created the perfect backdrop to shoot the street dance look.

So yesterday I went to recce the area as it has been a few years since I came across the place and I took pictures so I could bring them home to plan how I wanted to the shoot to go.



I want to use the grafiti in contrast to the clothing worn. I have also researched some street dance moves that I want to use as poses for the photographs.
The street dance shoot went well and my models/dancers were able to insert attitude into the pictures also which helped create the atmosphere.

Models: Roxanne McPherson & Ben Hall
Photographer: Dave Adams -
Stylist: Michelle Whittaker
Michelle xx

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