Thursday, 25 November 2010


For PPRD we have been working in groups of either 5 or 6.

We have been given an object from Modip (Museum of design in plastics). Our teams object is a butterfly napkin holder.
The team objective is a team work challenge to create a product range off the back of the initial object, in our case the napkin holder.

In our group we have:
The designers:
Rory, Lara and Ashley - They have been designing and producing images of the homewear based on the butterfly motif we have created from the modip item.

The Promoters:
Holly and I (Michelle) - We have been working together to create the brand and market, we have both created work seperately to show but we have been working together to discuss ideas and research.

Today was the day we presented our work to the class in a presentation. We were all buzzing and we all felt really proud of the work we had done. The presentation went really well and this made me feel even more proud to be a member of the team.

Below are some images from the presentation......



Our work can all be found on our blog:-
Michelle xx

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