Monday, 22 November 2010

Re-cycle...Re-use shoot

My inspiration for this shoot is to give it a vinage and relaxed feel. In the photography I want to capture the softness of the model and a laid back appeal to the clothes.

For this photo shoot I have tie dyed a pair of jeans using bleach....this is to put across the trend of re-use/re-vamp. For all of us that have that favourite pair of jeans there is a way to re-invent them to make them fashionable once again.

For the photo shoot location I am lucky enough to have a flat which fit in perfectly with the theme of vintage and its relaxed atmosphere. We also used the garden to create a real down to earth feel.


I really love how these pictures turned out and the contrast between the models red hair and the washed denim. I also love the natural enviroments add a certain quality to the pictures.

Model: Laura Kate Sills
Stylist: Michelle Whittaker

Michelle xx

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