Monday, 13 December 2010

My biggest nightmare happened......'s been a while since I've posted as I have needed time to relax after what I can only say as the most manic two weeks of my life! I sure have learnt a lesson!!!

So the day before our trend books were to be sent, Tuesday 23rd November, at 9am I decided to back up all my work as so far all my work had been saved to my USB. I had not been able to back up my work before then as my laptop is quite old and does not have much memory and with running the likes of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign it just made it impossible to save the capacity of work. I was lucky a few days before the deadline to have access to my partner’s laptop to use as a back up, so the morning I went to do this disaster struck!!!! I plugged in my USB and set the laptop down onto the table in front of me only to catch the USB and for it to heart stopped!! I calmly moved the laptop and safely removed the USB but when plugging it in my nightmare became a reality and it would not work!!!

I'm not joking when I say ALL my work was on that USB....well all but the crochet top that had taken me a week to complete...that was my bit of light in all this! I was not ready to admit defeat so I called a local company that attempt to repair USB's and went straight away to put all my faith in this final hope....unfortunately there was nothing to be done :( I couldn't believe it.

I took myself straight to staples where I bought a new USB and headed straight home to what seemed the impossible task of getting the work done in 24 hours.

BUT 24 hours later I managed to send off the trend book, still today I don't know how I did it, I think the support of my boyfriend and pretty much no sleep or stopping to eat and I got there....boy did I poor myself a drink!!!

Just relieved to have it sent off!!!! PHEW!

The next part to get finished was the research....unfortunately this was also lost on the USB but I managed to rack my brain and collect all the information again, a lot of time searching under different words to try to trigger that same research. I handed in my research on Wednesday 8th December I handed in m research. I feel this reflected exactly my route to each of my trends and support for each and the evaluation was the final piece to complete which finally knew this project was done with and that I learnt a BIG lesson not to be repeated

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