Monday, 30 November 2009

African Revolution

So today was the deadline for out melting Pot project....

Over the last couple of weeks I had been researching and designing towards my final design, and this last weekend has been taken up with me progressing these designs and working towards my final design.

I have found this project quite hard as at first I was so inspired with my chosen cultures for the designs but once completing my mood board I came to a bit of a block. From the mood board I had a few ideas about what I'd like to achieve but my visions were on the final idea rather than the working progress.

I decided to go back to my mood board and have another attempt. This time the results produced a lot more inspiration towards my designs. Once I began my initial sketches I found inspiration ran with me and I feel my final design represents everything I was trying to show through my research and chosen cultures.

On my presentation to the class and the teachers I was very pleased with how I presented myself and my project, and felt I was able to fully meet the criteria set. I was able to learn a lot about myself through the project and the way in which I work.

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